Welcome to Oxford Baby Bank

The difficult circumstances of many Oxford residents are often sadly overlooked. Estimates are that over 5,000 children live in poverty here. Provision of a safe and nurturing environment is difficult without basic means. We have started the Oxford Baby Bank to reach such families. 

Our Mission

Baby Clothing Collections

Our volunteers organise collections through partner schools and nurseries around Oxford, where nearly new baby clothes and equipment are donated by those who no longer need it. Thanks to the generosity of many Oxford residents we have already collected an excellent amount of baby clothing. Unfortunately, due to limited storage space, we are not able to accept clothing and equipment donations from the general public.

Supporting vulnerable parents and their babies

We hope to offer some quick solutions to frontline professionals who are working in difficult circumstances and daily encounter individuals in need. 


Midwives, health visitors, social workers, GPs and local councillors can all refer individuals whom they consider to be in need. A referred person can come to us at an arranged time to pick up their necessities, or can be accompanied by the health or social worker. Please use our 'Make a Referral' page to make a referral and liaise with us.